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According to their official website, SynergySlim claims to be a synergistic blend of all-natural products promoting safe, effective, and quick weight loss, designed to work naturally with the body to enable dieters to lose weight with its simple formula. SynergySlim consists of an herbal blend formulated into a pill, which is to be administered daily.

Ingredients in SynergySlim


An official ingredient list is not available at this time. SynergySlim lists four main ingredients as components in their diet supplement: ChromeMate (which they state is a safe, natural form of chromium), Phase 2 (a carb blocker), Green Tea Extract, and Super Citrimax.

SynergySlim Features

SynergySlim uses three proprietary blends and Green Tea Extract, and some of these do have proven benefits – while some have none. Green Tea Extract is a popular and effective weight loss substance, a natural booster of metabolism and antioxidant provider. Super Citrimax is a popular weight loss substance already sold as is in many retail stores, infused into SynergySlim. Unlike Green Tea, extract, however, it does not have any proven dietary benefits. It seems to us that Green Tea Extract is the only well-documented metabolic stimulant used in SynergySlim. The other ingredients, while interesting, are pretty much all new to us.

SynergySlim Pros

  • Contains Green Tea Extract, a healthy source of antioxidants and chemicals that boost the metabolism.
  • SynergySlim is widely available online.

SynergySlim Cons

  • Super Citrimax is not very effective, and they do not cite enough reputable sources.
  • Is not all-natural, despite its claims it is derived from natural herbs.
  • Does not explain how much weight users can expect to lose, if any.

Is SynergySlim a scam? Are there side effects?

With natural supplements on the rise, many manufacturers are eager to get into this trend, sometimes sacrificing quality for popularity. It appears SynergySlim might be one of these products. The benefit of Green Tea is still very important, and there are no health risks associated with this ingreiend, but other ingredients might not offer suitable dietary advantages. SynergySlim appears to be worth the look if you want to benefit from Green Tea.

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