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LipoBurn is a fat reduction product that is manufactured by LG Sciences. This weight loss treatment comes in the form of a spray. It is claimed to reduce cellulite, lower cortisol levels and burn away sub-cutaneous fat. LipoBurn sells via the official website for $35.99 and is stated to be suitable for both women and men. Similar to many other weight loss supplements, LipoBurn is intended to be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a “proper diet plan.”

Ingredients in LipoBurn

List of Ingredients Not available on the official LipoBurn website.

LipoBurn Features

LipoBurn is a rather unique fat reduction treatment that comes in the form of a spray. This product is literally sprayed on the problem areas of the user’s body, and aims to “melt away unwanted fat and cellulite.” Unfortunately no clinical research or product ingredients are presented on the LipoBurn website. While no potential allergies or side effects are addressed on the website, it’s difficult to determine if any are possible. Although a money-back guarantee is not offered, LipoBurn does sell conveniently through the official website for $35.99.

LipoBurn Pros

  • LipoBurn is available to users without a doctor’s prescription.
  • This weight reduction product comes in a convenient spray form.
  • LipoBurn can easily be attained via the website for $35.99.
  • Testimonials are posted on the official website.

LipoBurn Cons

  • No clinical research or tests are posted on the official website.
  • A full list of ingredients for LipoBurn is not presented on the website.
  • No satisfaction guarantee is offered with LipoBurn.
  • Very little data and details for LipoBurn are actually posted on the official website.
  • The key ingredients that are supposed to make LipoBurn “melt away fat” are not revealed on the website.

Is LipoBurn a scam? Are there side effects?

In the end, LipoBurn is definitely presented in an interesting fashion. After all, there aren’t too many fat reduction products that come in spray form. Therefore this is one of the few weight loss treatments that is actually applied topically, as opposed to taken orally. However, there really isn’t any clinical data presented on the official website to prove its success with fat reduction. Moreover, there’s not even a money-back guarantee, trial sample or success stories posted to support LipoBurn, making it one of diet aids with less manufacturer support currently available.

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