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Lipitone is a diet pill that can eliminate 30% of fats from the foods one eats. It is made and patented by TL Sciences/TrimLife Company. The Lipitone diet pills cost $59.95 for 60 capsules which can last as few as 10 days if taken with every meal. Discounts are also available to members.

Ingredients in Lipitone

ID-alG, NeOpuntia, Apple Pectin, Proprietary Blend, Beet Fiber and Oat Fiber.

Lipitone Features

Lipitone contains ID-alG, which is derived from naturally occurring seaweed Opuntia Ficus Indica. It has the ability to block carbs up to 50% instantly. Lipitone is a unique natural product that simultaneously combines both fat blocking and carbohydrate blocking properties. Other ingredients include NeOpuntia 500 mg, Apple pectin, Proprietary blend 700 mg, ID-alG, beet and oat fiber. Lipitone separates fat molecules from other essential nutrients that the body absorbs by digestion. This is done by lipophilic action, where cactus fibers act like magnets when attracting fat molecules. ID-alG is used for the prevention of the absorption of carbohydrates. Specific enzymes have their digestive power reduced and carbs escape absorption by the body. When food with fat is consumed the fat floats to the top of the stomach. NeOpuntia attracts and binds with the fat to produce a fluid gel. Up to 30% of the fats are thereby not absorbed and are removed from the body as solid waste. The features are claims of the Lipitone website. The website does not offer any testimonials from people having used the product. The contact us information on the Lipitone website is redirected to the TrimLife website. TrimLife is the company that produces Lipitone as well as Lipitone Advanced, TrimLife, Xhobatol Advanced and Brazilian Slim.

Lipitone Pros

  • It cuts down fats and carbs regardless of the meal of choice.
  • Lipitone combines two exceptional weight loss sciences, the science of carbohydrate blocking and that of fat blocking.

Lipitone Cons

  • Lipitone contains ID-alG in a proprietary blend; therefore it is impossible to know how much ID-alG is available in Lipitone.
  • It is hard to know if the amount of ID-alG found in Lipitone diet pills is enough to be effective.
  • Though Apple pectin, oat and beet fibers are included in the ingredients of Lipitone they have never been proven as weight loss catalysts.
  • Lipitone diet pills are expensive since a $59.95 dose of sixty pills is exhaustible in only two weeks.

Is Lipitone a scam? Are there side effects?

Lipitone contains many ingredients with clinically proven health benefits. However the amounts they exist in are not proven amounts as they are still undergoing research for the confirmation to be ascertained. This means that some Lipitone ingredients are just added as fillers and may overwhelm the potency of the intrinsic ingredients for instance, seaweed product ID-alG. Opuntia cactus is another ingredient listed as Nopal cactus fiber but the manufacturer does not explain whether this is the most effective part of the cactus. For effective weight loss a healthy diet plus regular exercises should be adopted with the addition of a tried and true weight loss supplement.

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