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Expedrine is manufactured by SEI Pharmaceuticals. There are a number of ingredients in Expedrine that the manufacturers say will increase your energy levels, your metabolism, and you appetite control. They further tell us that Expedrine is designed to have the same effects as Ephedrine but without the dangerous side effects. In fact it will be obvious to anyone that the name of this product is designed to resemble the name of the now banned stimulant Ephedrine.

Ingredients in Expedrine

Synephrine, Caffeine, Guggulsteron, Magnesium, Salicyclate, Guarana, and Theobromine.

Expedrine Features

The ingredients in Expedrine unfortunately resemble an awful lot of similar products on the market today, all of which the manufacturers say will mimic the effect of Ephedrine without actually containing the banned stimulant. There was a lot of excitement about Synephrine, which is also known as Citric Aurantium among manufacturers as they believed that it can produce an effect similar to Ephedrine without the dangerous side effects. However, some diet experts now warn that Synephrine may put people at risk of a stroke or heart attack, rather similar to ephedrine. Guggulsterone, which is also present in Expedrine, is derived from the sap of the Guggul tree in India. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to treat obesity, and has been approved by the Indian Government for the treatment of obesity and lipid disorders as well as for treating those who have high cholesterol levels. A bottle of 45 capsules of Expedrine can be purchased for a price of $54.99. There are a number of testimonials from users of Expedrine on the web, and some people have complained of having the jitters while taking it. Both Guarana and Caffeine, which are present in Expedrine, are stimulants and so anyone wishing to use this product would probably be well advised to avoid drinking coffee while doing so, and also to be extra aware of their heart rate and blood pressure.

Expedrine Pros

  • We know that guggulsterone is approved by the Indian Government for the treatment of obesity.
  • There is a complete list of ingredients available for Expedrine.
  • Expedrine can be ordered directly from online shops.

Expedrine Cons

  • Some experts believe that Synephrine, which is present in Expedrine, may pose serious health risks.
  • The name of this product may lead people to believe that it actually contains Ephedrine.
  • Expedrine is not the only product on the market to contain guggulsterone.
  • The degree to which the manufacturers support their product is unclear, including the existence of a money-back return policy.

Is Expedrine a scam? Are there side effects?

We are not able to say what distinguishes Expedrine from other similar products on the market. Synephrine, Guggulsterone, and the other ingredients can be seen in a whole host of other weight loss products that are currently available for sale. In the absence of evidence that shows how this product is different fromm others, we are left wondering why it would be anyone’s first weight loss choice.

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